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Image for BT Cabinets to be converted into EV Charging Stations

BT Cabinets to be converted into EV Charging Stations

BT Group has announced plans to convert old green street cabinets into electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as part of a trial initiative. Traditionally housing phone and internet cables, these metal cabinets, many nearing the end of their useful lives, will be repurposed to address the shortage of EV chargers. The first converted cabinet is set to be ready in Scotland in the coming weeks, with BT suggesting that up to 60,000 units could be transformed.

The UK government aims to have 300,000 charging points by 2030, up from the current 50,000, with a particular emphasis on reducing the charging point disparity between London and other regions. BT’s pilot experiment aims to explore the viability of using decommissioned cabinets to expand the charging infrastructure across the country, potentially aiding the transition to electric vehicles.

These new charging points will utilise cabinets that have been decommissioned or are still providing broadband to homes. Equipped with outdated technology, these cabinets will be refitted with mechanisms that enable sharing renewable energy for charging alongside existing broadband services. Since the cabinets are already connected to a power source, engineers can seamlessly integrate charging capabilities without establishing a new connection. Each green locker set for retirement will feature one charge point, providing two charging outlets, and includes a battery backup to avoid disruptions to ongoing broadband services.

Image source: BT Group

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