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Image for EV Charging Infrastructure Round Up

EV Charging Infrastructure Round Up

As the government plans to stop the sale of combustion only car engines by 2030 we will be edging closer towards reliance on home or at public charging points to fuel our vehicles. These charging Points seem to be springing up everywhere, but is this really true or are we just getting used to seeing them? While your local supermarket may be equipped to provide you with miles while you shop, are the charging points being built where EV owners really need them?

One company that has been devoted to providing this data ever since their conception is ZapMap and it is encouraging to be able to share some facts and figures illustrating the improvements in EV charging infrastructure. In 2016 the number of public charging stations in the UK was 6,500, by the end of 2021 this figure had quadrupled to 28,000. Figures released at the end of January this year show a 35% increase in public charging stations compared to the previous year at 37,851. In January 2023 there were 839 new installations of public charging stations.

Geographically over half of all public charging stations are in 3 areas, London, the south east and Scotland, showing that there is a long way to go in some areas of the country to ease the concerns of range anxiety. The most common rapid connectors at public charging stations are CCS and CHAdeMO, Type 2 connectors and Tesla connectors.

There is a continual increase in the availability of public charging stations, but it is still not at the rate where it is keeping up with the increase in ownership of electric vehicles. The UK is slowly getting there though, and as new EV’s push past the 500 mile range, we will start to see EV’s overtake internal combustion vehicles in the next decade.

Below is a round up of recent and upcoming EV charging projects.

Tesla Supercharger pilot scheme
In May 2022 Tesla opened up 158 of its superchargers at 15 locations across the UK. These Superchargers have an additional CCS cable for non-Tesla drivers. There is no news yet when Tesla will expand this pilot scheme to mirror the schemes in Australia and the U.S.

Moto Motorway Services
One of the nations largest motorway services group, Moto, has committed to installing 1600 public charging stations by 2030 and the group is well on its way with 211 installations already in place. These rapid 350 kW charging points are capable of providing a 100miles of charge in just 10 minutes. The perfect amount of time for a pitstop and a pastry!

MFG increases forecourt roll out
MFG or the Motor Fuel Group are increasing their roll out of Electric Vehicle charging units in 2023. In December 38 new rapid charging units were introduced across 7 sites in London, Manchester, Milton Keynes and Birmingham. Now MFG can boast a total of 280 units at independent forecourt operators across the UK.

Stonehenge goes Electric 
Even ancient monuments are getting the electric treatment. Gridserve has opened a new High Power Electric Super Hub at Solace Park near Stonehenge. Eight 355 kW CCS and CHAdeMO Charging Stations are now situated on the A303 providing net zero energy from renewable sources.

M&S team up with BP Pulse 
Another retailer planning to improve on the UK’s charging infrastructure is M&S, they have teamed up with BP to provide 900 Electric Vehicle Charging Points across 70 locations during the next 2 years. These sites will have 150 kW and 50 kW chargers. The decision comes after a successful pilot scheme at stores in Maidstone and Southgate. They also hope to install at least one 50 kW Charging Point at as many of their sites as possible.

Vehicle manufacturers take up the challenge
EV manufacturers are all too aware of the importance of a reliable charging infrastructure. Mercedes Benz has pledged to build it’s own charging network while VW has committed to building 36,000 charging points across Europe. Expect more manufacturers to follow suit through their own or collaborative projects.

IONITY looking for sites to build new rapid charging stations
IONITY are striving to build the largest and fastest charging network along the UK’s major roads. If you are a landowner with over 500 sq. metres of land with easy access to a major road, IONITY will want to hear from you. Click here to read more.

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