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Image for ChargeUK to double charging network in 2023

ChargeUK to double charging network in 2023

In 2023, ChargeUK will double the size of the UK’s current EV charging infrastructure.

The UK’s EV charging network is expected to double in size by 2023, according to ChargeUK, a new trade group that was established at the end of April 2023.  ChargeUK is a new trade association bringing together 18 of the largest companies installing the EV charging infrastructure in the UK that’s needed to enable the transition to electric vehicles.

Along with accelerating investment and delivery, the association will work to increase the availability of EV charging points with a collective commitment to invest £6 billion in charging infrastructure. Collaboration with the government and other stakeholders will be used to remove obstacles, create policies, and influence legislation in order to accomplish this.

Be.EV, Believe, bp pulse,, ChargePoint, Connected Kerb, ESB, evyve, Fastned, Genie Point, Gridserve, Ionity, Mer, Osprey, Pod Point, PoGo Charge, RAW Charging, and Shell Recharge represent the founding members of the association.

According to Ian Johnston, chairman of ChargeUK and CEO of Osprey Charging Network, the establishment of ChargeUK is a momentous occasion that demonstrates the expanding size and significance of the EV charging business to the UK economy.

The trade association has been established while EV use is rapidly increasing. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) estimates that by the beginning of 2023, there will be 1.1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads. The amount of chargepoints being brought out is behind the rise in new EVs. In 2021, there was one public charging station for every 31 EV’s and now this has lagged behind to 36 EV’s per public charging station.

ChargeUK will drive forward efforts to make sure that EV adoption keeps pace with charging infrastructure. The group is going to install thousands of new charging stations in 2023 to kick start the initiative.

Image source: ChargeUK

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