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Useful Google Maps Update For EV owners

If you wanted to find a public charging point, most EV owners use Zap Map or apps such as ChargePoint and PlugShare. Now Google has stepped on board to allow Google Map users to find their nearest DC fast charging stations as well as the slower AC charging points. This will be a handy feature for EV owners that use Google Maps to connect to their vehicle’s infotainment system.

To use this new feature, make sure you have the latest Google Maps installed on your smartphone and type in ev charger in the search bar. The results will display the EV charging points closest to your location along with a list of the charging points at that location. A filter along the top of the screen also allows you to choose the type of charging plugs that are relevant to your vehicle, so you can choose to only show charging points that have Type 1, Type 2, CCS, Chademo or 3 pin socket charging points.

If you want to find charging points along your route, first type in your route in Google Maps and once the route is showing, select the magnifying icon tand type in ev chargers. The route will then display the charging points along your rote.

Another feature that Google Maps has added is to calculate the most efficient route for your journey. Click the bar below the map once the route is showing and you will see a link to ‘Change engine type’. By choosing electric or hybrid Google Maps will now factor in the best route for your vehicle and automatically add in charging points for future use.

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