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Image for Kia EV9 is scheduled to hit the road in the UK at the end of 2023

Kia EV9 is scheduled to hit the road in the UK at the end of 2023

The brand new Kia EV9 is expected to debut in UK showrooms towards the end of 2023. The EV9 SUV 7 seater is said to rival Landrover for all terrain supremacy, although the Jeep Avenger and Tesla Cybertruck will be hot Kia’s wheels in the race for popularity in 2023.

The Concept car was initally revealed at the Los Angeles Auto show in 2021 and although the new EV9 is expected to hold on to the spirit of the Concept EV9, inevitably some aspects will be toned down.

The Concept car showcased a solar panel on the bonnet and while the concept of driving and sustainably capturing solar energy would be fantastic it is unlikely that this will appear on the 2023 model. The boxy design is also expected to be smoothed out for aerodynamic efficiency purposes although the flush door handles will probably remain.

Inspiration for the interior of the EV9 is expected to be taken from the concept car, with a massive 27 inch widescreen display panel sitting high up on the dashboard,  a large cabin space with 7 seats and a very minimalist design with clean lines and very few physical knobs and buttons.

Sustainability featured heavily in the concept of the EV9, not only did it have the solar panel on the bonnet, but the interior materials focused on recycled products such as fabric made from plastic bottles and sustainable wool. Kia aspires to phase out their use of leather in all their ranges. We hope that these animal and earth friendly materials make their way into the 2023 version of the EV9.

The range and changeability of the EV9 is expected to follow that of the EV6, with an approximate maximum range of 328 miles. There is expected to be both single and dual motor options, with the 800V internal architecture which can sustain charging speeds of 350 kW. This rapid charging via CCS will enable the vehicles battery to charge from 0-80% in an impressively speedy 18 minutes!

We look forward to updating you when the EV9 comes to Kia showrooms later on in 2023.

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