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10 Minute Recharge For A Battery With 745 Mile Range

The Japanese car giant Toyota has claimed that it can create a solid-state battery with 745-miles of range… with a 10-minute recharge time, putting to an end the 2 major deterrents for vehicle owners buying an EV, range anxiety and charging times.

Toyota claims to have developed a technological advancement that will enable it to cut the weight, size, and price of batteries in half, which could signal a significant development for the EV industry.

The second-largest automaker in the world was already working towards a goal of introducing upgraded solid-state batteries in cars by 2025, which have advantages over liquid-based batteries.

The company has found ways to make batteries more durable, and according to Keiji Kaita, president of the Japanese automaker’s research and development centre for carbon neutrality, it can now produce solid-state batteries with a range of 1,200km (745 miles) that can charge in 10 minutes or less.

The Financial Times, which broke the news of Toyota’s purported breakthrough, reports that the corporation anticipates being able to build solid-state batteries for use in electric vehicles as early as 2027.

As they promise to shorten charging periods, boost capacity, and lessen the risk of fire connected to lithium-ion batteries, which employ a liquid electrolyte, solid-state battery and have been widely regarded as having the potential to revolutionise the field of electric vehicles.

However, the production of solid-state batteries has traditionally been more expensive and difficult, which has limited their practical adoption.

Toyota said that by streamlining the manufacturing process, solid-state batteries may potentially be produced more cheaply than lithium-ion batteries.

When compared to competitors in the market for electric vehicles, the Japanese automaker has seen to be behind the curve in producing pure battery EV’s. It recalled 2,700 of it’s first pure EV, the Toyota bz4X, in June of last year over worries that the wheels would could loosen.

The Advertising Standards Authority banned Toyota and Hyundai advertisements last month for misleading consumers about the availability of rapid charging points across the UK and Ireland and for inflating the speeds at which EV’s could be charged.

These setbacks will certainly be put behind them if the claims to produce a 745 mile battery are true. Watch this space!

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Image Source: Toyota (image of bz4X)

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