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Image for EV Charging On Wheels - Meet Ziggy

EV Charging On Wheels – Meet Ziggy

As electric vehicle ownership increases, the demand for EV charging infrastructure is hotting up. How many EV owners are checking their apps to plan for a mid journey charge only to find the charger they choose is out of action or being used? Quite a few as it happens. As charging infrastructure improves and electric cars are hitting the market with higher mileage, the dreaded issue of range anxiety is becoming less of a barrier to EV ownership.

But the race is still on to provide charging solutions that are convenient and cost effective and joining the race is a company called EV Safe Charge who are introducing EV charging on wheels with their innovative Ziggy charger. Soon to be available in the US, ZIGGY is a robot designed to make it easier for electric cars to be charged in car parking areas, so instead of finding a charging station and staking your spot, the charging station finds you!

Caradoc Ehrenhalt, founder & CEO of EV Safe Charge Inc. and ZiGGY’s inventor says:  “ZiGGY is a flexible and simple solution for virtually any office, mall or apartment complex to help meet growing charging needs of its tenants and guests without expensive, time-consuming infrastructure and installation investment – if it’s even possible. In many cases, especially in older buildings, adding EV chargers isn’t an option until now,”

Only time will tell if this idea translates practically to the UK, but there’s no reason not to be optimistic that EV owners can soon look forward to charging on demand and bid farewell to tutting at the EV’s parked for hours in a charging space after it’s finished charging and range anxiety becomes a worry of the dim and distant past.

Image source: EV Safe Charge

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