Mitsubishi Outlander – 3 pin Charger Adjustable 6A 8A 10A

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Type 1 to 3 pin charger that will charge the Mitsubishi Outlander at 10A as well as 8A and 6A for PV (solar panel) charging. The adjustable current allows an EV to select a lower current as well being able to charge at lower currents for safer EV charging. Includes AC 30mA + DC 6mA Type B RCD protection. The charger will provide up to 2.3kW when using a 13A socket at home or anywhere there is a 3 pin UK socket (Type G socket). A canvas cable bag is supplied with your charger and there is the option to upgrade to a case that will store more than one EV cable. Please read all of the information below.

Please Read Before You Buy
Our Type 1 to 3 pin charging cables are normally returned for one of the reasons below. Reading this information may help you to avoid having to return the charger. Please also read the Description tab further down the page as it contains important information about this 3 pin EV charger.

  • Ensure compatibility between the charging cable and your vehicle. The images on this page provide a visual guide to the connector pins, allowing you to match the cable plug to your vehicle socket. You can also use our EV Cable Finder to locate your vehicle and explore the charging cables available for your vehicle.
  • Is the cable long enough? Measure the distance from your 3-pin socket to your Type 1 vehicle socket, typically where your vehicle is parked, and add half a meter to prevent overstretching the cable.
Cable Care & Safety
To ensure the proper care of your charger, be sure to follow the safety instructions outlined in the user booklet provided with your charging cable. Please read the booklet before using the Type 1 to 3-pin charger. In case you do not receive the user booklet, please notify us. Additionally, check our EV Cable Care Guide for valuable tips on safely using your 3-pin charging cable and avoiding common issues that may lead to the charger malfunctioning.

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Use A 13A Socket To Charge The Mitsubishi Outlander.

This Type 1 to 3 pin charger can charge the Mitsubishi Outlander up to 10A, which equates to around 2.3kW. 3 pin chargers are ideally suited as a backup charging device.

Plug this charger into a 13A socket to charge your Mitsubishi Outlander up to 10A. Adjusting the charger’s current to 6A and 8A also enables compatibility with 3 pin sockets limited to less than 10A. This feature therefore allows connection to solar panels/PV systems.

Being able to reduce the charging current reduces the heat stress on a mains socket. This is important if a 13A socket lacks a dedicated circuit connection. Or where the circuit and socket haven’t been certified for EV charging by a qualified electrician.

This 3 pin charger also has a timer, enabling charging to start from 1 to 10 hours after plugging in. It also has AC 30mA + DC 6mA (Type B) fault detection

Photo of the unit and 13A plug with a 13A socket
Photo of a Type 1 vehicle socket

Is This Type 1 To 3 Pin Charger Suitable For The Mitsubishi Outlander?

Choosing The Right Charger

The Mitsubishi Outlander has a Type 1 socket as standard, ensuring compatibility with this charger.

Charging an EV for long periods with a 13A socket may cause thermal damage to the socket. For example, the socket might overheat if the socket has damaged, if there is faulty wiring, or if the electrical circuit is overloaded. It is rare, but it does happen.

For this reason, we strongly recommend having an electrician inspect the intended socket to certify its suitability for EV charging.

We understand that, at times, charging your EV with a socket certified by an electrician may not be feasible. In such instances, we recommend charging the vehicle at 6A. It is also a good idea to ensure that both the plug and socket are not becoming excessively hot during charging.

Avoid using an extension lead or adapter. Plug the charger directly into the socket. Ensure that water does not come into contact with the prongs of the 3-pin plug or enters inside the Type 1 plug. Keep the charger dry when not in use. Before using this charger, be sure to read the user booklet included with the charger.

Please note that Mitsubishi did not manufacture this cable.

EV Cable Bag And Case

We provide a canvas cable bag (suitable for cables up to 10M) to store this charger when not in use. The bag can also be upgraded to a cable carrier case made from EVA material, which has improved waterproof and impact protection. The EVA case has an elasticated strap in the bottom compartment and elasticated mesh pocket in the top to allow convenient storage of two cables. The EVA case can hold two cables, provided each cable is no longer than 10 meters (with a total combined length of 20 meters) and is neatly wound. You can replace the canvas cable bag with an EVA case by selecting the option available in the basket or on the checkout page.

Photo of EV canvas bag and waterproof case

Mitsubishi Outlander – 10A EV Charger Features

IP65 protection for the control box. TUV approved.
Conformity: IEC 61851-2 and 62196.
Type A + Type B fault detection: 30mA AC + 6mA DC.

Built in fault detection: Over voltage / under voltage, over current and surge protection.
PCB Overheating protection: The charging current will automatically reduce if the circuit board in the device box exceeds 75 degrees.

Mitsubishi Outlander 3 Pin Charger Technical Data

Charging cable type3-pin (Type G) 13A socket to Type 1 (SAE J1772) connectors
Lengths available5Metre, 8Metre
Rated current10A
Certification61851:2019, 62752:2016+A1:2020
Cable from control box to power outletTPE 3×2.5+2×0.75mm. Length including plug: 70cm
Cable to Type 2 vehicle plugTPU 3×2.5+1×0.75mm
Control box dimensions210mm (H) x 85mm (W) x 50mm (D)
IP gradeControl box: IP65. Plugs when connected to sockets: IP55
Operating voltage220V-240V AC
Leakage protectionAC 30mA + DC 6mA (Type A + B detection)
Working temperature-30°C to 50°C
Flame retardantUL94 V-0
Insulation resistance10MΩ

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Length (Metres): No selection

5M, 8M


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